Our engineering expertise in transportation & electrical projects has distinguished FW&A since 1962

In 1962, Fred Wilson (1921-2002) founded Fred Wilson & Associates, a consulting engineering firm in Jacksonville, Florida. During the firm’s first year in business, Frank H. Wilson II joined his brother Fred & brought ten years of Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) engineering experience. Both brothers had studied civil engineering at the University of Florida & focused their efforts on FDOT transportation projects. A few years later, Fred & Frank were joined by a third brother, William E. (“Ed”) Wilson Sr. (1927-1995), who had been directing electrical engineering teams for another consulting firm. Because of the Wilson brothers’ distinct interests, engineering for clients with transportation & electrical projects has distinguished the firm’s services since the 1960s.

Since FW&A’s inception, the Transportation Team has focused on FDOT roadway & bridge projects. We are one of the first consulting firms to design projects for what was originally called the State Road Department. The highlight of FW&A’s service for FDOT came in 1986, when the firm was selected to serve as the design leader for the Acosta Bridge Replacement project. The Florida Engineering Society recognized Frank Wilson in 1999 with an Outstanding Technical Achievement award for his role as project manager of the $165 million endeavor. Frank now serves as president of the firm & principal for all transportation projects.

Since Ed Wilson’s arrival in 1966, the firm has maintained a strong electrical engineering focus as well. Most early electrical clients operated industrial or institutional campuses & facilities. The firm performed extensive electrical designs for several U.S. Navy bases, Maxwell House Coffee, Baptist Medical Center & the University of Florida. In 1992, FW&A began major electrical design work at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. About the same time, the firm started to expand its engineering experience with electric utilities. With clients such as JEA (formerly Jacksonville Electric Authority), design for power transmission & distribution systems is now one of FW&A’s primary services.

Having joined his father’s team in 1975, Ed’s son, William E. Wilson, now serves as principal for all electrical projects.