Meet the FW&A team of engineering professionals

We’re an established engineering firm with a family atmosphere & updated benefits that support the important work-life balance of our valued employees. 

“Commitment to Employees” is one of FW&A’s Core Values.  In addition to competitive salaries & excellent benefits, we promote a family atmosphere. We also emphasize a healthy balance between professional & personal life.  FW&A is proud of our low turnover rate & an average employee tenure of more than 14 years. We are so proud of the following team members at FW&A.


Frank H. Wilson, II, PE


William E. Wilson, Jr., PE
Executive Vice President 


M. Bradley Wilson, PE
Vice President 


Frank H. (Frankie) Wilson, III, PE
Vice President 

Thomas R. Gardner, PE
Vice President 

If you think you would fit in with our bright & talented team, send your resume to Visit here for more information.