FW&A provides engineering services to industrial & institutional clients who oversee campuses of all sizes for more than 30 years.


We have design experience with extended properties that accommodate high-tech industry, higher education, manufacturing, tourism, healthcare, commercial endeavors & correctional system institutions. Almost all campus-oriented projects focus on design of electrical power distribution.

Campus-oriented electrical engineering services:

  • Field investigation & documentation of existing electrical systems
  • Campus power system analysis – load flow, arc flash, coordination & fault studies
  • Electrical substations of all voltages design
  • Comprehensive design of power distribution systems up to 35kV – system-wide overhead-to-underground conversions, voltage conversions & cable/duct bank system replacements
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping for power distribution systems with tools such as ArcFM
  • Exterior lighting design – lighting for open areas, roadways, airfields & security
  • Design of campus-wide communications systems

In support of its campus electrical projects, FW&A provides comprehensive civil engineering support. The firm also designs campus parking lots, roads, water/sewer lines & airfields.


FW&A provides industrial & institutional clients with engineering services for projects involving a variety of facility types and in conjunction with campus-oriented projects. We design electrical projects for specialized technical structures, university buildings, manufacturing plants, military structures, aircraft hangers, resorts, hospitals & correctional facilities.

Facility-oriented electrical engineering services:

  • Field investigation & documentation of existing electrical systems
  • Facility power system analysis – load-flow, arc flash, coordination & fault studies
  • Comprehensive design of facility power systems up to 35kV
  • Backup, emergency & uninterruptible power systems design
  • DC power system design
  • Interior / exterior lighting design – emergency & security
  • Lightning protection & grounding systems design
  • Fire detection & alarm systems design
  • Facility communications systems design
  • Controls & instrumentation design – Programmable Logic Controllers for industrial processes